Empowering young people to create a wilder Europe


Empowering young people to create a wilder Europe



Our mission

To create a wilder Europe by uniting young professionals and enthusiasts and empower them to become active players in the rewilding movement.


Our vision

We envision a future of humanity with more space for wild nature and natural processes as an essential element in a modern, prosperous and healthy society.


Our aim

To establish a continental network and provide members with the tools they need to become active through an online platform, educational courses and networking events.


Our story

Laurien Holtjer

We are a network of young professionals and enthusiasts, which aims to connect people across Europe and help them get involved with rewilding.

Our story began in 2019, when Aleksandrina Mitseva was appointed as Rewilding Europe’s youngest Supervisory Board member. Her role was created to accommodate the huge interest of young people in the work of Rewilding Europe. She, together with 5 other inspired young individuals and the communication team of Rewilding Europe, envisioned the creation of a community for young people that will help to connect, engage and educate young individuals interested in rewilding. This led to the creation of the Young Rewilders community.

Today, the community numbers more than 600 people from across Europe.


Our team

We are proud to be a big European community, with more than 600 young rewilders connected via several online platforms. Of these, five are currently functioning core team members, involved in community organization, grants and media production.

Core team

Aleksandrina Mitseva

Anna Luijten

Charles Dimiaux

Florian Wieser

Rhys Lemoine

Kristen Bristow

(no longer active)

Joep Crombag

Chloe Rudderham

Few of the many Rewilding Europe members working with us

Laurien Holtjer

Head of Communications for Rewilding Europe

Silvia Ursul

Communications intern for Rewilding Europe

Our relationship with Rewilding Europe







Rewilding Europe plays an important role in the existence of our community. They are our mother organisation and partner, who supports, facilitates and guides us as we grow. We work closely with them to create a functional partnership based on exchanging expertise and help.

We share their vision of rewilding and their goal of making Europe a wilder place, which we will help to achieve by empowering and uniting young professionals and enthusiasts.